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Kibera and Toi Market

Kibera and Toi Market
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  • It is advised to only take pictures when you are allowed to do so by your tour guides out of the respect of the privacy of the locals.
  • Kibera is quite a large place and filled with similar looking homes, streets and structures hence it is easy to get lost, you are advised not to wander too far from the group/guides.
  • The locals are receptive of tourists and encourage them to come again but as a safety precaution the tour guides will be by your side hence ensuring that you are as comfortable as you can be during the trip and prevent any form of harassment.
  • In addition to showing you around, your tour guides will answer any questions you have so feel free and engage them
It would be a missed opportunity if you never explored Kibera during your time here in Kenya. It is the biggest slum in Africa and believed to be home to approximately eight hundred thousand Kenyans. It’s a humbling experience that gives you a different perspective of life. In addition to this, Kibera radiates an unmatched vibrancy and exuberance which will surely take you by surprise. While in Kibera, you will get to mix and mingle with the locals as well as observe how they carry out their daily activities, visit a school for orphans, and visit a bead manufacturing organization of empowered HIV positive women who are able to support themselves through the business and a biogas plant within the vicinity

I seriously doubt you will get better deals anywhere in Nairobi than Toi market. It is the second largest flea market in Nairobi and offers a diverse range of clothing products and other accessories. Take your time and explore what Toi market offers and hopefully get something for yourself.

Charges;   Kshs. 4000 per person

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What to carry

  • A bag/paper to carry the items you bought
  • A sporty attire would be appropriate but keep in mind the weather
  • Closed shoes. Both Kibera and toi have muddy environments
  • Money for shopping [optional]
  • Donations, we encourage you to support the people of Kibera by buying either foodstuffs, mosquito nets and sanitary towels for girls which would be highly appreciated rather than dishing money to the locals and promoting the notion that tourists = money.
  • You will be able to donate any item after the trip.

What not to carry

  • expensive and unnecessary items such as tablets [phones and cameras are fine]
  • Jewelry

Trip Facts

  • Nairobi
  • 3-4 Hours

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