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Are you ready for post covid-19 business?

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The Six months of covid-19 uncertainty

Covid-19 has been around for only 6 months but has devastated businesses and brought most economies to their knees. Economies have nosedived and traveling is at a near-standstill. The hospitality industry so reliant on travel and movement of people, the very thing that must be restricted in order to curb the spread of the covid-19 infection. Over 90 percent of people live in countries with covid-19 travel restrictions both locally and internationally. The shutdown of business in this industry has therefore been massive from the high end hotels to the small vocation rentals and Airbnbs. The closure is hopefully momentary to look at how the situation evolves. Staff and owners alike have had to endure these very difficult times, economically, mentally and psychologically. This situation has pushed staff and owners to the edge from being unable to afford rent to being unable to afford basics like food.

Light at the end of the tunnel

I believe there is some light at the end of this tunnel. There are projections that once a vaccine is available or we reach some community herd immunity, travel will begin in earnest, both for businesses and for leisure. However, people will start traveling cautiously and will likely use the vacations rentals and Airbnbs instead of the big hotels. Most are simply tired of staying at home and I can imagine a time like now in future without covid-19 infection. People will be all over and possibly travel in arrears. Businesses must also reboot and restart, albeit slowly, this situation cannot go on forever. The hospitality industry must therefore be ready when this time comes as it is surely coming.

Here`s how to get ready

  1. Keep in touch with customers. They will be valuable when the time comes.
  2. Get acquainted with what is happening in the industry and change to accommodate the changes.
  3. Make those renovations that you have always wanted to do in your facility. Do this while you still have the time
  4. Innovate and find better ways of doing the business-what worked, what did not, where is the balance?
  5. Ensure safety of customers by having measures in place for disease prevention control- this will certainly be a big consideration for many travelers
  6. Automate processes to ensure minimal contact between staff and customers. Check our other educative articles here

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