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Love swimming but water`s too cold?

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How many people love swimming but just do not have the guts to get into the swimming pools because the water is still not warm enough even if the weather is really hot?

I love swimming but the waters in the swimming pools are just too cold in this part of the city, Nairobi, Kenya. I presume the same case in the highlands. Never mind that we are in the tropics and it has been quite hot lately. Heated swimming pools are way too expensive for most of us. So when I discovered the geothermal hot springs of Naivasha, the so called Naivasha hot spa, it was love at first sight. Naivasha is only 100km from Nairobi and in central Kenya making access very easy from whichever direction. Besides the road network is great therefore access is easy.

With the holidays of the year starting soon with the coming of the long Easter weekend, why not treat yourself and your family to a hot/warm swim in Naivasha?

The Naivasha hot spa has four adjoined swimming pools for every one including the amateurs, the children as well as the more experienced swimmers.

The warm/how swim is therapeutic for the whole family. Doctors have recommended swimming for people with arthritis, joint issues, asthma or those unable to walk due to various ailments including obesity. Swimming is also a very good way to lose the pounds as you have the fun!

TheĀ  Geothermal Spa also known as the KenGen Olkaria geothermal spa is located inside Hells gate National park which is managed by the Kenya wildlife services (KWS). To enter the spa therefore, you have to pay the National park fees to the KWS at the entrance. These are fixed at Ksh. 350 for adults and 250 for children for the Kenya citizens and slightly higher for the foreigners but these may be variable. Once you are inside the spa, the Kengen rates apply and are charged at Ksh. 400 and 100 for Kenyan adults and children respectively.

Not to worry about what to eat because the spa also sells affordable and sumptuous meals so you can just have the fun.

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