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Keep safe from Corona and use this time wisely

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As a result of the Corona virus (Covid 19), we may be confined to our homes for long periods of time with our children. As we ponder what to do, let us teach each and every one of us the basic measures to reduce transmission and keep safe. This includes

  1. Cleaning hands with soap and water
  2. Use a sanitizer if you cannot clean with soap and water
  3. Limit movement or interactions as much as possible. These are risk factors for transmission.
  4. Avoid touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes with dirty hands to reduce the chance of the virus particles from getting into the mucous membranes and into the body
  5. If you feel unwell in Kenya call a toll free line (0800721316), 719 or 0729471414 for advice before setting off for the health facility. You will need to self-isolate from other people so that you do not pass the virus to them if in deed that is what you have

People who are not used to being indoors might find this lock down extremely hard. We need to reinvent and occupy ourselves to reduce the risk of depression and malnutrition (both under and over).

What then should you do with so much unexpected time?

  1. Educate yourself, do that course that you have been postponing for the longest time. Often our time is so limited by the many activities that we must do. Now that we have a window of unexpected time, you can use this to your advantage. When this corona menace is finally over, and we hope it will be over soon, you can use that skill to recover from financial mess this brought.
  2. Write blog posts, research papers and newspaper or magazine articles. If you do not have a blog you can start one or just guest post into somebody’s blog website. Anyone can write. It does not have to be perfect, no one`s perfect and most people will enjoy an authentic story.
  3. Teach yourself and learn how to play indoor games like chess, darts, scrabble or physically involving ones like dance, yoga and musical instruments. This can be what you will need to stay sane in your house until this lock down is over.
  4. Learn how to make your own meals. Apart from gaining this extra skill, it will also save you money. You do not have to rely on a chef to whip some great meal unless you need to.
  5. Teach and bond with your children. For most children, this holiday came early and as parents we have to plan to channel their energy in the right direction. Remember after this is done, they will still go back to school. Therefore learning must continue. Assist them to make a schedule so that they can use part of the day to do their school work and use the other part to help in the house and learn skills like cooking, cleaning and washing. Children are resilient and they will love being involved in these activities.
  6. De clutter. If you have been trying to do this and it has not worked, try it this time. With so much time at home, you cannot avoid walking around into all rooms in your house. Take one room at a time and clean and remove all clothes and materials that you have not used for the last couple of months. Then decide sincerely whether you need to keep or discard. Keep the discard items in a container for disposal or giving away. This will not only give you space in your closet and house but it will help to keep the house clean and free of dust
  7. Start or improve that kitchen garden. At this time no one has any idea how long this lock down is going to last. If you have some space at your back yard, you may as well start planting some easily growing plants. You never know. Apart from gaining this skill, the food may come in handy to supplement food for your family in the weeks to come.
  8. Complete that office work online. Some tasks from your office can be done online. Some of these may include the following depending on the type of work one does:  preparing documents, marking papers, preparing lessons, discussing certain matters online with colleagues, sending orders, receiving orders. If you are a teacher or lecturer you can hold a virtual classroom..the list is endless. So try and see what can be done online and just do it. For articles, tips and trends check us out on our website and subscribe

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