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Achieve your goals this year

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The year has just began and if you have not set the goals for the year you need to do it. Goals propel you to working at something. Setting goals is not enough. You need to achieve them. Here`s how.

  1. Set reasonable goals: Depending on where you are at, set goals that are not too way off otherwise this may discourage you from achieving them. If you are 120kg and want to be a 70kg person by half of the year may be a tall order. Start by having a goals that are not necessarily easy but attainable with some hard work. When this is done successfully it motivates the next move to achieve another success.
  2. Write it down: The power of the written word is enormous. It reminds us of the promise you made. Write your goals and splash them all over the place. At work, in your office on your computer, your phone etc to remind you each day that you have a task at hand. This keeps you grounded in what you must achieve each and every day. Small tasks done every day amount to a big task accomplished over time. There are many templates online that you can use to help you set your goals.
  3. Have your timelines: Divide your goals into tasks and have timelines on when each should be completed. You should for example, say that to lose weight you should attend 3 sessions of gym per week and walk for at least two hours per week. This cumulatively, adds to 12 sessions of gym and 8 hours of walk per month. Therefore perform small achievable tasks that will transform to big achievements in the long run.
  4. Celebrate wins: Every success however small motivates the next. Be sure to give yourself a thumps up for any win that comes due to your hard work. Do not be so hard on yourself-sometimes it becomes counterproductive and our subconscious keeps telling us that we are not good enough. The strongest voice is that which comes from within. Buy yourself something you love to remind you of the milestone. Better still call and celebrate with family and friends. They will always remind you of the success and motivate you to get to the next.
  5. Prioritize and stick to your plan: In this very busy world, the `noise` can be deafening. If you must achieve your goals, you need to shut the noise and concentrate on what you must do. You do not have to accept every proposal or work. Learn to say no to tasks that you cannot undertake. Get yourself out of time wasters and toxic people. These sup energy out of you and derail your efforts. Other habits like just waking up a few minutes earlier to work out or maybe write that article you have been wanting to write.
  6. Have an accountability partner: We are all human and any challenge that comes our way is normally met with lots of resistance. We had rather say that a task is difficult rather than execute it. Having an accountability partner pushes you to achieve what you thought was practically impossible. The slogan `no human is limited by the runner Eliud Kipchoge` is not further from the truth.
  7. Share your plans with family and friends: If you promise your family that by end of the year you will have reduced 10kg, they will keep asking how far you are to your goal until you get there. This will keep you on track for yourself and also so you do not let them down.
  8. Review, re strategize and execute: Unless you review your progress as you go along, it will be difficult to tell which direction you are headed. Big projects review their work through what is called monitoring and evaluation. Reviewing your goals often helps you to know what is being achieved, what challenges are being faced and what needs to be done differently. Unless you keep reviewing yourself, you may go the whole year thinking that you are doing your best only to realize that you are operating at only 30% capacity when you could have achieved more. Do not get discouraged at any obstacle on your way. Remember each obstacle is proof that you are progressing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Read our blog for more educative articles. If you want a get away to plan for your goals this year look no further. Get a weekend get away at our furnished apartments.

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