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8 ways to holiday in these hard economic times

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Globally, the economy has been on a downward trend. In Kenya, the year 2017 we went to the polls and businesses were really down. Everyone complained and we hoped that 2018 would be better. 2018 came with some improvement but generally there was not much change. Most families in the year 2019 have been stretched economically and there’s not enough money to buy all the things we really want to. However, there are essentials like fees and food that must be budgeted for even as we plan to spend on holidays. That does not mean that holidays are not important. Holidays are essential for the family to recuperate from the hard work in the year but they do not have to cost an arm and a leg.

You can still have fun and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Here are 8 ways to minimize costs in these low economic times

  1. Reduce traveling. Whether traveling locally or internationally, traveling costs money in terms of ticket fares, fuel, accommodation, insurance and others. To reduce this, decide to cut travel costs and use these to have the most exciting parties in your house or area. You can do local travel and enjoy great sceneries all for so little
  2. You can rent furnished apartments in your local area if you just want a different feel for your family at this time. Once there you can make local trips to eateries and also enjoy the local beautiful sites without spending too much  
  3. Have fun together-You may think that you are the only one in this economic mess but most people are down economically. Talk to your friends and family and you may just ignite the sparkle to have a great holiday together. Since most people may have traveled, you may just be treated like royalty if you decide to take on to some eateries in your area.
  4. Buy in bulk. It is very tempting to buy stuff in small quantities because of the feeling that you are spending little money. In the long run, you will spend much much more because of the many trips that you will make to the shops. Notice also that each time you make that trip, there is always something else that you will buy that may not have been in your budget
  5. Buy only what you need. If you keep your purchases to the essentials you will be surprised at how much you can save. You do not need a new dress each holiday. Simply pick one of the classy old ones and you are good to go. You do not have to have the latest hairstyle to enjoy the fun of the season. Educate your children that it is the memories that are better to keep than buy new stuff that will get out of fashion soon rather than later.
  6. Visit the vulnerable-Ever spent your holiday with people who are not so endowed? It is one gesture of gratitude that you and the children can give to yourselves and the underprivileged. It uplifts your spirit and gives great lessons to your children.
  7. Do things yourselves-If you decide to have it in your home or on a budget cottage, you can decide to do some of the things like cooking on your own. Children are now on holidays and you can make a great impact here by mentoring them to be in charge of cooking, cleaning and serving. You can make this fun and memorable and these lessons will be life long.
  8. Attend local events. I can tell you that I miss Christmass carols at my local church because we always travel as family at this time of the year. Why not get involved in these events that are always fun and free?

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